What I learned following Carmine Gallo’s tips for 5-star communication

Karen Ercoli
2 min readFeb 5, 2021


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At the end of the last February, Italy was closed down because of Covid-19 and I had some free time on my hands, which I decided to use for self-improvement, among other things.

While my Australian cousins decided to be part of those people contributing to the possible spread of the virus, traveling to another city to “stay safe”, my family and I chose to remain in the comfort of our home and to take advantage of our time to bond and to practice some self-development.

My husband and I both chose things to work on. He chose meditation and yoga while I chose fitness, coding, and communication.

I recently read a book by Carmine Gallo about “5-star communication” and, being it my field of work, I was inspired to try and put into practice Aristotele’s ancient art of persuasion, which Mr. Gallo teaches in his book.

Not being able to test all of this in a face-to-face context, I chose to try it out in my online work and this is what I learned.

There are people out there willing to listen to what you have to say

As long as you communicate in a good way (read quality), people will become interested in what you have to say. Just keep going, write, talk, try it out, believe in yourself and results will come.

A well-crafted story is worth millions

After reading Carmine Gallo’s book, I started paying a lot more attention when surfing the internet. I read stories and articles and I analyze them. I’m definitely a more conscious user and I also began communicating with a lot more attention.

Talk your way to success

People skills are not something to underestimate. Nowadays we do hear a lot of request for digital know-how and skills but what makes a person stand out are the person’s people skills. Knowing how to communicate effectively and how to relate to your interlocutors is the major key to success.



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