SEO Basics

Karen Ercoli
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So, you’re a business looking to implement a SEO strategy and don’t know SEO basics?

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What is SEO?

Here are some SEO Basics. First things first, let me tell you what this stuff is. SEO stands for Search engine optimization and it’s basically a series of instruments that are majorly invisible to the unexpert eye of an average user, which will make a website stand out on the web.

This doesn’t mean SEO will guarantee first-page ranking on search engines for every keyword you choose. SEO can drastically improve the chances of your website and content being found by users but beware: it’s not a one-off process. SEO is an ongoing adventure and a never-ending one.

Two major types of SEO:


On-Page SEO is the name given to a group of techniques that help the information in your website get in front of the users who are searching for it.

There are a few golden rules when it comes to on-page SEO and the first one is that things are forever changing. The other ones are in a short list here below:
1. Choose your main keyword carefully and use it. This is one of the most overlooked SEO basics rules. Whenever you choose your keyword, the word you want to focus on ( you can use free or paid instruments such as SEO Moz or Semrush to find the best ones), this needs to be in the title and in the article as well. If using images, be sure to stick your main keyword also in the Alt text.

2. Each piece of content designed for SEO needs a heading in H1, and subheadings (in H2), as well as paragraphs. Formatting is important, use it well.


Google ranks your content also based on how authoritative it is. How does this get measured? Well, on how good and informative your content is. This means Google will evaluate if you’re writing your content to inform and add value or to simply attract visitors. Cookie points for those who choose their strategy focusing on adding value. This translates into adding links to authoritative websites or publications such as this one.

Here are some SEO basics for those looking to implement some quick and actionable strategies to their website.

SEO is, of course, this and much, much, much more. It is evolving constantly and SEO strategy, however basic, gives its results in the long term. Moreover, due to the high amount of changes going on in the Marketing and Technology industries on an almost daily basis, SEO operations are not to be considered a one-time-only project.



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