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During my apprenticeship with FunnelBolt 360, I’m learning so much about social media and about digital marketing. Taking it off the books and into the real world is definitely a huge change.

Recently I learned about some tips to make your copy Facebook-friendly and client-friendly as well.

  • When writing copy for an Ad, you want your Ad to resemble an organic post as much as possible. This is because you want your client to resonate with the words of the Ad
  • When writing copy for Facebook, you’ll want to remove exclamation marks and too many caps because Facebook doesn’t like them
  • In Facebook sensational elements in copy are not much appreciated and ads containing elements like these will not be approved or will be removed
  • Due to the Facebook Ad policies, which are put in place to ensure Facebook users have a fun, pleasant experience, it’s important not to call anyone out based on sex, religion, etc. For this reason, it’s important to frame your ads from the perspective of you or your clients instead of focusing on other people’s pain points
  • This is advertising! If it’s in your style do try to be moderately entertaining but whatever you do, always keep the tone positive and inspirational
  • Ads have various elements and, while some (like the Description) may be optional, the headline isn’t, so don’t forget it. The name headline itself is confusing enough because it’s actually not on the top of the ad but rather on the bottom, under the image. FYI the description would eventually be placed under the headline. A must is to create curiosity and Fear Of Missing Out in your headline. Since it can be useful to test different wording options, it’s advisable to create three different headlines.
  • When writing copy for a Facebook Ad, define the benefits customers are going to gain without making absurd promises
  • Qualify your audience so that people reading will know immediately if you are referring to them or not. Your target audience will resonate with your words while others will not.

Because customer behavior and marketing are ever-changing, it’s best to have three versions of the copy ready to test.

Make sure to prepare a:

  • Short copy option of no more than 2 sentences, describing what you are offering and including a CTA (call to action)
  • Medium copy option of about two paragraphs in which you expand on the outcome.
  • Long copy option in which you tell a story with the “ pain → breakthrough” pattern. You first describe a problem and the story of how the solution to that problem came about. You describe the pleasure of that solution and, following that, you add your CTA.




Marketing, Mom, Businesswoman

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Karen Ercoli

Karen Ercoli

Marketing, Mom, Businesswoman

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