Another story for newbies

My exercise continues and here is another article for newbies about some Facebook Pixel basics.

What are Pixels?

Pixels are pieces of code that exist for different social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. …

For Newbies

During my apprenticeship with FunnelBolt 360, I’m learning so much about social media and about digital marketing. Taking it off the books and into the real world is definitely a huge change.

Recently I learned about some tips to make your copy Facebook-friendly and client-friendly as well.

Here are 8 tips

  • When writing copy…

The craft of being a Digital Marketer facing iOS 14

Digital Marketing now and Marketing previously, have been accompanied by perpetual change.

What are marketing earthquakes?

A marketing earthquake is a recurring event that changes the way marketing strategies are built. These kinds of events are always accompanied by some sort of drastic headline claiming “this will be the end”.

Since marketers seem to…

For newbies and wannabe digital marketers

As my apprenticeship goes ahead, I’m here to share more with you.

Let me start out by saying that funnels are an artsy kind of thing, they require creativity and a sense of style.

This article is the follow-up to another article I wrote about funnels and here I’m going…

How they work and what you should know

Today I had the privilege of following a class with a digital marketing expert who is currently my mentor and hopefully my future employer!

Our training today was really high level and about digital marketing funnels. …

How we survived choosing sustainable clothing as a family

Usually, you’ll find me writing about the marvelous world of digital marketing but today I deviated to tell you about an experiment or experience I have been involved in for the past year.

As the pandemic took over, we were still there: a family of four with me, the mom…

How to place your product by evaluating all the right things

Product Market Fit (PMF) is that thing that is achieved when a company has a product people buy, and it indicates how satisfied the market is with the product the company created.

Sometimes, though, there is a great PMF but, still, people aren’t buying our company’s product.

Why does this happen?

Brian Balfour, one…

At the end of the last February, Italy was closed down because of Covid-19 and I had some free time on my hands, which I decided to use for self-improvement, among other things.

While my Australian cousins decided to be part of those people contributing to the possible spread of…

Methods and Tools to help you define your strategy with three different approaches to the platform

As you define your digital marketing strategy, you’ll definitely come across the dilemma of using Twitter as a social media platform:
I’m here to tell you a little bit about that and, hopefully, to help you make a decision.

First of all, there are three different approaches to Twitter:

Active approach


What they are and why you need them both

As you may have guessed from the title of this article, I'll be telling you why both of these tools — or groups of rules — are useful for your brand and why you need them both to have a complete set of guidelines for your staff and for the…

Karen Ercoli

Digital Marketer — Linguistic Consultant

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