So, you’re a business looking to implement a SEO strategy and don’t know SEO basics?

What is SEO?

Here are some SEO Basics. First things first, let me tell you what this stuff is. SEO stands for Search engine optimization and it’s basically a series of instruments that are majorly invisible to the…

Here is a bit of practical info if you're new to Pixels

First of all, what exactly are Pixels?

Pixels are pieces of code that exist for different platforms like google, Facebook and LinkedIn. These code snippets allow you to track users´ behaviour on your digital assets and are incredibly useful in marketing.

In this article, we’ll…

For Newbies

During my apprenticeship with FunnelBolt 360, I’m learning so much about social media and about digital marketing. Taking it off the books and into the real world is definitely a huge change.

Recently I learned about some tips to make your copy Facebook-friendly and client-friendly as well.

Here are 8 tips

  • When writing copy…

The craft of being a Digital Marketer facing iOS 14

Digital Marketing now and Marketing previously, have been accompanied by perpetual change.

What are marketing earthquakes?

A marketing earthquake is a recurring event that changes the way marketing strategies are built. These kinds of events are always accompanied by some sort of drastic headline claiming “this will be the end”.

Since marketers seem to…

Methods and Tools to help you define your strategy with three different approaches to the platform

As you define your digital marketing strategy, you’ll definitely come across the dilemma of using Twitter as a social media platform:
I’m here to tell you a little bit about that and, hopefully, to help you make a decision.

First of all, there are three different approaches to Twitter:

Active approach


Karen Ercoli

Digital Marketer @ LangPros Dubai @ FunnelBolt360

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